UFS111 - 4th Vocabulary Entry

1- Take
a) Take after: Look like, resemble
b) Take off: Make a great progress

2- Break
a) Break down: End negotiations unsuccessfully, Start crying
b) Break in: Interrupt something

3- Come
a) Come forward: Towards the front
b) Come abou: To take place; happen.

4- Call
a) Call on: Ask someone to do something, especially to speak in public, visit, ask for help
b) Call out: Expose or accuse someone of wrongdoing or incompetence

5- Cut
a) Cut off: Remove with something sharp
b) Cut in: Interrupt

6- Eat
a) Eat up: Eventually reach,do,decide
b) Eat out: Go to other places to eat

7- Fall
a) Fall apart: Break into pieces
b) Fall out: Fall to the ground

8- Go
a) Go back: Return to a place
b) Go ahead: Refers to start

9- Hang
a) Hang out: Spend time relaxing
b) Hang on: Wait a short time

10- Switch
a) Switch on: Start the energy flow, turn on
b) Switch off: Stop the energy flow, turn off

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