UFS 211 - Task 2

Simple Sentence : - Some students like to drawing in the mornings. - Jian and Ain play tennis every afternoon. Compound Sentence: - I tried to speak Malay, and my friend tried to speak English. - Aiman played tennis, so Maria went shopping. Complex Sentence : - The book that Nadia read is on the shelf. - The town where I grew up is in the Tawau. Compound-complex sentence : - Although I like to go camping, I haven't had the time to go lately, and I haven't found anyone to go with. - We decided that the movie was too violent, but our children, who like to watch scary movies, thought that we were wrong.

UFS 211 - Task 1

For me love is too complicated, difficult to understand, obviously painful and very crazy to some people to think. But if we are mature enough, all the love that prejudice can be transformed into a wonderful miracle for us. But there are times when I'm not willing to deal with love, no matter what love is, "Monkey Love" or real love, but should be released for their benefit. Only pretend to smile and cry alone in front of people that I can do this despite the fact that the liver is injured. How long do I have to not sound like this? I finally came to start thinking matured and think positive. That is the key to remove all the sadness that has been long established in our hearts. And it's time to think that it is a lesson for us to deal with it.

UFS201 - 5th Vocabulary Entry

1. trabilious - bad-tempered or irritable

2. Creepy - Annoying and unpleasant.

3. Nourishment - A source of materials to nourish the body.

4. Alexipharmic - having a nature of an antidote

5. Strangling - The act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe.

6. Absquatulate - depart

7. Empasm - a powder-like ancient medicine used to take the smell away

8. Tacent - silent

9. Moron - a rude way of referring to somebody who think is very stupid mortgage

10. Enmity - the feeling of hatred toward an enemy

UFS201 - 5th Reflections

This is the last assignments for blog activities.. Today, we learn about preposition, Simple preposition is a single word preposition preposition compounds, while more than one word. In between and as a preposition that consists of two words. In form, the party is a preposition that consists of three words. I also know that the all words to made a great essay. Miss Atee told us to copy all the notes from slides. That day I fell bored and lazy, but I tried to attend to class and try to understand what was Miss Atee taught us.

UFS201 - 4th Vocabulary Entry

1. Prevalent - widespread or current

2. Exponentially - Expressed in terms of a designated power of e, the base of natural logarithms.

3. Incur - To acquire or come into (something usually undesirable)

4. Susceptible - Easily influenced or affected

5. Obligation - The act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie.

6. Ought - Used to indicate obligation or duty

7. Exponentially - by great degrees or great amounts

8. Ethical - having to do with ethics or morality

9. Transaction - a piece of business that is done between people.

10.Absolutory - forgiving

UFS201 - 4th Reflection

In this week, our topic is 'Conditional' . And now I now know that there are three types of conditional.. In class,we were asked to do a promotion for maggie product to customers using three types of conditional. At the end of the study period, Mdm Atee want us to do the video of crazy commercial awareness within the group and will be present for the next week.

UFS201 - 3rd Reflection

At that day, Madam Atee show us the video of ghost story and she told us that she doesn't like any ghost story. I am with my group acting out a ghost story 'Pocong'. i'am playing story we should make friends who watch the fear and horror .. but instead, they laugh to see our behavior pocong playing, I was not disappointed at all, but I am very grateful for being able to make the audience entertained. We have no practice nor group discussion, but we have last minute practice. Thanks to the teamwork we made, we were able to enact.