UFS111 - 4th Reflection

Honestly, for the first time I saw this clip, my mind wandered for a while and it was amazing for me and inspire me. I often give up and make my shortcomings as an excuse for failure that I always have. Without my knowledge, there are more people over the lack of me but still able to think longer and more mature. Sometimes we forget that failure and the lack of spirit is what gives us. Cigarette to see this clip, I was determined to continue to strive and fight for what I deserve in this life. This video clip very meaningful to myself. The way he gave his speech, very enthusiastic, powerful and useful to myself. I like the part he said "I love living life" and "I am happy". Even though the words is very simple, and I just realize that we should take any opportunity in-front us to make our life better in the future, because we are normal human being can do better than we think we can't. So that, it will give a happiness, although it is only a small success. So that, at the end of this video,I think, I should appreciate and take it anything that happen to myself, because I know it will give me a reason why I must finish what was I have started.

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