UFS111 - 2nd Reflection

James Cook
Born on 1 November 1728 in Marton, Yorkshire, England. Educated at James Cook 'Postgate school and enrolled him at the Great Ayton. He is also Experienced in drawing, used to be a navigator, and explorer. In Reading and Listening, James Cook was a British explorer, navigator and artist, and eventually was Promoted to captain in the Royal Navy. His wife named Elizabeth batts and has four sons and two daughters. In the year 1745, when James Cook was then aged 16 years, he decided to go to Fisherman village to work as slaves Staithnes and grocery store.After 18 years, he began to think that his job as a grocery boy was no longer suitable for him and he began to travel to the nearby port town of Whitby. James Cook was employed as a merchant navy apprentice in a small fleet of ships. As part of his apprenticeship, Cook applied himself study algebra, geometry, trigonometry, navigation and astronomy, all skills he will need one day to command his own ship. Three years of his apprenticeship is completed, Cook began working on trading ships in the Baltic Sea. After passing the examination in the year 1752, he quickly grew through the merchant navy ranks, starting with the campaign in the year to mate ship brig Friendship Collier. In 1755, within a month the ship offered instruction, he volunteered for service in Royal Navy, when Britain was re-supplied weapons to what became the Seven Years' War. Although the need to restart under naval hierarchy, Cook realized his career would advance more quickly in military service and entered the Navy at Wapping on June 7, 1755.
Cook was killed in Hawaii in a fight with Hawaiians Sulawesi three exploratory Voyages in the Pacific in 1779. He left a heritage of science and Geography Influence That his successors far into the 20th century, and many memorials around the world have dedicated to her. However, a role in opening the Pacific to the occupation and its impact on Aboriginal communities has been the subject of political and scholarly Debate.

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