UFS111 - 8th Reflection

What kind of learner I am

Based on the types of learners, i'm a Builder. Advice from me to me, learn with a sincere heart and make sure that laziness was sidelined before the start of learning. I am sure that the learning process that occurs classified will not give 100% comprehension. So, what to do is read and check and see the notes given by the teacher and not make such notes as ornaments in the bag. Use the notes that were given to best advantage. If you're at home, it is not wrong to sacrifice the time to learn and Cut down the time to 'Facebook' or 'Twitter' because all that does not give success. Other than that, do not hesitate to ask questions about the questions that are poorly understood to teachers or friends who know better. Finally, use time wisely and think in more mature in order to receive the knowledge easily.

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