UFS111 - 7th Vocabulary Entry

1) Convenient - Fitting in well with a person's needs, activities, and plans.

2) Scapegoat - Somebody who is blamed, although they are usually innocent.

3) Buffer - Something that lessens or absorbs the shock of an impact.

4) Paved - To cover with a pavement.

5) Grassland - (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) land, such as a prairie, on which grass predominate.

6) Gullies - A deep ditch or channel cut in the earth by running water after a prolonged downpour.

7) Drainage - The action or a method of draining.

8) Mother Nature - The personification of nature as a powerful and nurturing woman.

9) Widespread - Extending over a wide area.

10) Destruction - The condition of having been destroyed.

11) Foreseen - To see or know beforehand.

12) Legitimate - Being in accordance with established or accepted patterns and standards.

13) Meteorite - A stony or metallic mass of matter that has fallen to the earth's surface from outer space.

14) Wiped out - Spoiled or ruined or demolished.

15) Man-made - Made by humans rather than occurring in nature.

16) Accurately - Conforming exactly to fact.

17) Short-sighted - Relating to or suffering from myopia.

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