UFS111 - 10th Reflection

It happened when I was 17 years old, about five months since I decided to buy a scooter, at that time my mother gave me money to buy a car but I was stubborn and stick with a decision to own a scooter my dream. I have lots of fun with it. I have also been through a lot of bad luck that has been bothering me most. Now, I decided to make kanduri prayers for my scooter.
Since February, the first day I got my bike, so now there are quite a lot of accidents and problems occurred to the scooter and me. Especially the latest accident happened. It is a very large. Bad luck with the first cycle occurs two of my friends. It happened not long after the scooter was given to me. May be less than one month. My friends came to see me and my new bike in my house. They come without notifying or contacting me first, so I'm not alone. At that time, I was upstairs with a girl I. When I came to drink, I see a note that they left me on the table. He said: "I borrowed a bicycle to go back home, will not be long Do not worry, I will be careful in addition to your bike." From: Ija and Siska. I was shocked and worried. I am called by Ija on mobile phones to ask where he was, he did not answer. Then I went back upstairs. About 15 minutes later, they returned with a few scratches on the hands and feet. They said they had crashed when they tried to avoid the dog. They said they were okay, then I went out to see my bike. There are some scratches on the bike plus the not straight. I went with them to the bicycle shop to fix. Luckily, my friends agreed to pay because they had borrowed without asking permission.
A few days later, Acob (my friend) asked to borrow my bike to go to see the girl. I do not know why I loaned him. Maybe because I was on the bike with him at that time. While we are waiting for the girl, he went riding around. When he returned, he came on the wrong side of the road. It was at night and very dark road. He came very fast and then she drove into the large hole. Motorcycle flipped over and my friend broke her fingers so I called a taxi to take her to hospital. Now my bike look older than before.

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