1. Anxious

Meaning: worried and tense because of possible misfortune, danger

2. Integrate

Meaning: to join things so that they become one thing or work together

3. Accepted

Meaning: commonly approved or recognized, customary and established

4. Imperative

Meaning: having the power of authority to command or control

5. Advancement

Meaning: a forward step; an improvement

6. Commitments

Meaning: being prepared to give a lot of your time and attention to because you believe it is right or important

7. Interactive

Meaning: that involves people working together and having influence on each other

8. Resources

Meaning: something that can be used for support or help

9. Struggling

Meaning: to try very hard to do, especially when it is difficult

10. Pace

Meaning: the distance that you move when you take one step

11. Flexibility

Meaning: that can be changed easily

12. Alter

Meaning: to make different in some way, but without changing it completely to become different

13. Routine

Meaning: the usual order and way in which your regularly do things

14. Accommodate

Meaning: to have enough space for something especially for a certain number of people

15. User- friendly

Meaning: (use about computers, books and machines) easy to understand and use

16. Valuable

Meaning: worth a lot of money

17. Utilized

Meaning: to make use of something

18. Expanding

Meaning: to become or to make bigger

19. Method

Meaning: a way of doing something

20. Potential

Meaning: that may possibly become, happen and be used

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